Sampyo Energy is a family-owned service station operator since 1968, serving more than 10,000 customers daily across the nation’s capital. Constantly working to deliver convenient and effortless customer experience, we provide a wide range of services including automated car wash, electric car charging and food & beverage sales through our network of service outlets. 

Mission &


Our mission is to improve mobility and promote a convenient lifestyle by offering low fuel prices and hand-selected daily goods.


We aim to deliver sustainable, everyday energy to our customers.

Core Value

Our brand is built on core values of passion, innovation, and creativity. 

We constantly strive to keep our products and services at the highest quality at all time.
We embrace new and evolving technologies, environments and customer requirements.
We stay ahead of the competition by investing in people who demonstrate the uniquely human skills of creativity, while also leveraging modern technology to survive, grow and create social impact.